Top 5 Tips For Body Love

Top 5 Tips For Body Love

Spring is a time for growth and renewal. Healing the relationship you have to food and to your body is a journey that will not happen overnight, but I believe that we can all get to a beautiful place. We can all blossom into beautiful and unique versions of ourselves.

These are my top 5 tips for starting to make peace and love your body!

1. Let go of the diet mentality

 Diet culture is huge and the diet industry is now a $64 billion industry. We are flooded with images and messages telling us how we should look and eat. It is overwhelming and most of us are so used to it, that it is just a part of who we are now.

We need to start rejecting this mentality. Say no to all of the diet rules. Say no to all of the messages that tell you that you need to have an “ideal” body. Say no to all the messages that tell you certain foods are “good” and certain foods are “bad.”

Get angry with all of the lies that diet culture has made you believe and all of the ways it has made you feel bad about yourself. Get mad that this culture makes you feel like a failure when you “slip up” on a diet and gain the weight back. (Trust me, it’s not your fault). Throw out the diet books and magazines. Unfollow all of those social media accounts that sell you dieting products/tips and make you feel bad about yourself. Let it go… for good!

2. Move your body!

A great way to build better body confidence is to move your body. Not for weight loss reasons, but because it makes you feel energized, alive, and amazing!

Try to find movement that you enjoy doing and rejoice in how amazing your body is. It really is amazing when you think about it. Think of all the things your body does for you that has nothing to do with appearance. Be grateful for that. Movement makes us feel strong and powerful.

Also, be compassionate with yourself! If you don’t feel like going to the gym for a workout, going for a walk, or whatever your movement is, that is OK. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs and deserves. There is no need for guilt here.

3. Take the focus away from your body

Ironically, this is one of the best ways to improve your body image. Instead of commenting on people’s bodies and the way they look, focus on their character.  Here are some things you can say to your loved ones that has nothing to do with the way they look:

“You are so smart. You are a good friend. You are such a hard worker. You are an amazing parent. Your smile lights up a room, you are so positive!”

Let’s stop commenting on people’s bodies and appearance.

The same goes for your inner critic! Instead of saying, “I look fat” or, “I look ugly.” You can say things like, “I am worthy” or, “I am smart and capable.” Take the focus away from the body!

 4. Self-Care

This is about showing YOU tons of love and incorporating self-care daily for your mental health. This can look like literally anything that brings you joy and nourishes your soul. What makes you happy? What relaxes you?

Maybe it is meditation, or journaling or writing, or art, or a hot bath, or reading a book. Incorporate some self-care every single day. Carve out this time for yourself either in the morning before you start your day, or in the evening before bed.

Once you make this into a habit, you will start looking forward to it. And the more you do this, the greater your will feel and the more your relationship to your body will improve.

5. Respect body diversity

I don’t know why we all have accepted that we need to look the same. We think that we all need to have a flat stomach, but also curves in the right places. That we all need to be free of cellulite, stretch marks, and rolls. That we all need to have long, toned legs and glowing skin. Can’t you see that it is so impossible for all of us to achieve this?

Every single body is DIFFERENT. That is beautiful and normal. There are short bodies, tall bodies, thin bodies, fat bodies, black bodies, white bodies, and the list goes on! This diversity of bodies is normal.

We need to respect that everyone has different genetics and everyone has a different size and shape. We have put SO much judgment on bigger bodies, but why? Having a bigger body doesn’t mean you are unhealthy, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person, or that you aren’t worthy of love and respect.

We also need to learn to be less critical of our own body shapes. If you don’t love and respect your body the way it is, and are always striving for that unrealistic ideal, then it makes it a lot harder to find peace with your body. Remember, it is just a shape. It does not define you!

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