Stop Fat-Talking With Friends!

Stop Fat-Talking With Friends!

Negative body talk is so common these days, especially among friends. Things like “I look so fat in this dress” or “I can’t eat pizza, it will make me fat” or “I’m too fat to do that.” These types of phrases are in our vocabulary without us even thinking about it. And, let’s not forget, “You look amazing, did you lose weight?” or “You are looking so skinny.” Most of the time we think these comments are a compliment, but it also is a version of fat-talking. Stop letting your friends fat-talk!

Like I mentioned, this type of talk is sadly so common in everyday conversation and it provokes negative body image. This type of talking leads to more:

  • Attempts to go on diets

  • Body dissatisfaction

  • Eating disorder behaviours or symptoms

Ironically, the best way to start sparking positive body image is to take away the focus from the body! There is no need to comment on your friend’s body, or anyone’s body for that matter. When you hear friends making these kinds of comments, you can say something like, “Your body size doesn’t matter, you are amazing and worthy of doing anything you want to do.” Instead of commenting on a friends weight loss as an attempt of a compliment, you can say many other things that have nothing to do with their appearance. Things like:

“You are so brilliant.”

“Your smile lights up the room!”

“You are so brave.”

“You are so kind and caring.”

“I love your confidence.”

“You are an amazing friend!”

The list goes on and on! Let’s stop the fat-talk and the comments about bodies. Your value and worth does not go up or down because of body size. Let’s remember that for ourselves and for our friends.

Cheers to being the best friends we can be and lifting each other up!



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